Berth Characteristics

Tincan Island Port Complex

Berth Characteristics 2022-07-21T20:49:15+00:00
Terminal Quay Length Area Reform Status Max Depth Gestation Operation
1,1A&2 484m 5.767 Ha Concession 10m 10 years (Commencing 10-05-06) Josepdam Port Services Limited
3,4,4A &5 776.90m 24.623 Ha Concession 10m 15 years (Commencing 01-06-06) Tin Can Island Cont. Terminal Limited
6,7,7A &8 759.54m 17.425 Ha Concession 11m 10 years (Commencing 10-05-06) Port and Cargo Handling Services Limited
9-10 437.53m 18.980 Ha Concession 9m 10 years (Commencing 10-05-06) Five Star Logistics Limited
11-12 490m 12.3 Ha 8.7 Ha (loop) BOT 9m 25yrs Ports and Terminal MultiServices Ltd
KLT 1 1052.50 50.72 Service Not Applicable Various Operator
KLT 11 762.62 37.15 Ha Service Not Applicable Various Operator
ILT Ikorodu Lighter Terminal is being handed over to Nigerian Customs Service for the storage of overtime cargo

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