Tincan Island Port Complex (TCIP)

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Tin Can Island Port is located North West of Lagos Port Complex and has bearing of Latitude 62*N Longitude 30* 23E. Its pre concessioning came into being 1975 when the country experienced increase in the economic activities during the oil boom coupled with the post-civil war reconstruction. This led to high volume of import and export that resulted to serious Port congestion. The resultant effect created a situation where it became necessary for the government to initiate an actual means of decongesting the Port; by constructing a new Port on Tin Can Island.

In 1976, the construction of the new Port started and was commissioned on 14th October, 1977 and christened Tin Can Island Port, with the capacity of handling 10-16 vessels at a time with the main port complex occupying a total area of 73 hectres.

Post Concessioning
Tin Can Island Port Complex today is an amalgam of what used to be Roro and Tin Can Island Ports. This merger came with the concessioning of the terminals to five (5) Terminal Operator with different concessioning agreements, in May, 2006 after Nigerian Port Authority adopted the Land Lord model as the preferred option by the Fedreal Government. But the various departments and their personnel were merged in September, 2006.

Private Terminal Operators took over on the 10th of May, 2006 for Terminal A, C and D while Terminal B was handed over on the 1st of June, 2006. Port and Terminal Multiservices Limited (PTML), which is a BOT, commenced operation in September, 2006. Operationally, there have been marked improvements in turnaround time and berth occupancy. Average Berth Occupancy rate has improved from 75% by the end of 2006 to 83% as at now.

Development Plan and Quay Wall

Since the commencement of the Lease Agreement in 2006, the Terminal Operators have embarked on planned and redevelopment of their terminals with a view to building capacity and staying competitive.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Tin Can Island Port is uniquely different and has become investors’ haven because of the following features.

1. The Port handles diversified cargoes with each terminal operator specializing in unique forms of cargo (Dry and Wet bulk cargoes, Box- Containerized cargoes, RORO services).

2. The Port handles vessels ranging from 100m – 260m.

3. Pilotage is 24 hours service.

4. Quick turnaround time of vessels.

 5. Well-equipped and up to date modern equipment for clearing cargoes as each terminal is uniquely different in operations with quick and prompt procedures & delivery of cargo.

6. Water supply and Bunkering – The Port has fresh water wells sunk to the depth of 250meters that supply fresh water to vessels at berth. While bunkering of vessels are undertaken by reputable oil companies.

7. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

 8. Kiri kiri Lighter Terminal (KLT) 1&11. Each providing 780meters quay Length and maximum water depth of four (4) meters ;

9. Regular sea patrol of all anchorage, jetties and fair way buoys with the able assistance of the Marine Police and the Nigerian Navy.

Port Contacts

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