Truck Registration

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Interested truck owners shall:

1. Ensure that the truck(s) is/are in a good working condition that meets NPA’s Minimum Safety Standard (See checklist).

2. Contact the Safety Department of Nigerian Ports Authority at various locations to arrange for truck inspection as follows:

      • HQs Annex, Apapa (former Western Ports’ building) for the two Ports of Lagos (Tin Can Island and Lagos Ports Complexes)
      • Respective Administration Buildings of the four outer Ports (Warri, Calabar. Port Harcourt and Onne)

For the inspection, fleet owners with ten trucks and above could be visited in their holding bays (within Lagos state for those in Lagos and within the Port towns of the 4 (four) Ports above that are outside Lagos), while owners in Lagos with less than ten trucks should take their trucks to Tin Can Island Truck transit Park, 2nd Gate/Liverpool Bridge, Tin Can Island or Lily Pond Truck Transit Terminal, Ijora while the inspection points for those in outer Port locations are obtainable from respective Safety Departments.

3. Trucks inspected and found to meet the Minimum Safety Standard shall be issued a Safety Certification paper. Trucks that do not meet the Minimum Safety Standard shall have to undergo necessary repairs by the owner and be re-presented for inspection at a later date.

4. Safety Certification paper shall be taken to Safety office, HQ Annex, Apapa for Lagos trucks and the respective Administration Buildings in outer Ports for authentication.

5. Authenticated Safety Certification paper shall be taken to Tariff & Billing Department in Lagos Ports Complex, Apapa for Lagos trucks and the Tariff & Billing Departments of outer Ports where Debit Note shall be raised and issued to the applicant.

6. Payment of the sum on Debit Note shall be made into Nigerian Ports Authority’s Treasury Single Account in any Bank of the trucker’s choice.

7. On confirmation of payment, NPA’s Accounts Department, Lagos Ports Complex, Apapa shall issue NPA Payment Receipt for the payment for trucks in Lagos, and the respective Account Departments in the Ports outside Lagos.

8. NPA Payment Receipt shall be taken to the Safety Department and a one-year cycle sticker shall be issued accordingly. Each sticker is issued with truck registration number, sticker expiry date and other relevant information specific to a truck boldly printed on them.


  1. Safety Certification
  2. NPA Payment Receipt


24 hours after inspection

Associated Charge

N10, 000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira) per truck

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