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      The list of requirements are as follows;-

  1. All operations shall comply with all extant regulations;
  2. The Barges to be deployed shall be certified by NIMASA for Seaworthiness;
  3. That the Barges and cargo shall have the appropriate insurance cover by a reputable insurance Company;
  4. Evidence of Registration by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC);
  5. The Tugs and Gears to be deployed shall be “fit for purpose” with respect to safety and functionality. The towing method (if not pushing) must be “short tow” whose maximum length shall be to the satisfaction of the Harbour Master;
  6. The Barge Operator shall seek clarification from the Harbour Master if the Masters of the Tugs to be deployed will require Pilotage Exemption Certificates (PEC), ensure same where required;
  7. The operator shall show evidence of availability of handling equipment at the jetty before approval is granted for their operations;
  8. It shall be the responsibility of the Operator to ensure regular maintenance dredging or sweep the area around the quay to improve on the depth of water at the jetty;
  9. The Jetty shall have adequate quay infrastructure (bollards, fenders etc.);
  10. At the commencement of any towage operation, Port Operations or Signal Station shall be informed so as to factor the movement into the traffic management within the channel to avoid the risk of collision;
  11. The Operator shall furnish the Traffic Department of the Port with monthly report on its activities, a copy of which should be referred to the office of the Assistant General Manager, Operations HQ for record purpose;
  12. The operation shall have due regards to ISPS Code;
  13. That all accruable revenue to the Authority shall be paid as at when due;
  14. This approval is for twelve (12) calendar months after which you shall seek renewal in writing to the undersigned. The renewal of your Licence shall be subject to the outcome of the quarterly oversight review of your operations by the Standing Committee to ensure you have addressed ALL observations of the inspection team particularly issues of safety in operation;
  15. The Operator shall indemnify the Authority against all aspects of the operation;
  16. The Operator shall indicate acceptance of offer within five (5) working days from the date of receipt of a license; and
  17. The Operator shall submit a Fifty Million Naira (50,000,000.00) unconditional Bank Bond in favour of the Nigerian Ports Authority to qualify for this operation within ten (10) working days of submitting the acceptance letter;
  18. All Operators shall accept all other requirements as shall be deemed necessary by the Nigerian Ports Authority from time to time:

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