Our Mandate

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Statutory Duties And Functions
  • Develop, own and operate ports and harbours
  • Provide safe and navigable channel
  • Offer cargo handling and storage services
  • Maintain Port facilities and equipment
  • Ensure safety and security
  • Develop and own property

This system hindered port development and curtailed operational efficiency. The ports became less competitive and a conduit to drain  the meager national resources.In an attempt to change this trend, the activities of the Authority (NPA) were commercialized and offered greater autonomy in accordance with the recommendation of the Technical Committee on Privatization and Commercialization. However this could not bring the expected improvement because of the public service bureaucracy and interference. It was later revised to the initial status.

In an effort to reposition and enhance the national economy, the Federal Government embarked on various reform initiatives in the public sector, which includes the maritime sub-sector. This initiative was to foster an economy that is responsive, robust, private sector oriented and in line with the international best practices. In line with the reform programme, the transactions commenced with the advertisement for Expression of Interest EOIs on the 3rd of December 2003 by the National Council on Privatization with the Bureau of Public Enterprises acting as the transaction agent.  A total of 110 EOIs were harvested out of which 94 were pre-qualified.

Pre-bid conferences, Data room and physical due diligence were also done and request for proposals sent out to bidders. Technical bids were submitted and evaluated and financial offers also opened to determine the successful bidders.All the successful bidders negotiated their concession agreements with a public sector team made up of Nigerian Ports Authority and the Bureau of Public Enterprises.  Successfully negotiated agreements were signed and transaction programmes initiated preparatory to handing over.

Under this new arrangement , the Authority ceded some of her functions and responsibilities as enumerated below:

Nigerian Ports Authority:
  • Ownership and administration of land and water within port limits.
  • Planning and development of port operational infrastructure.
  • Leasing and concession of port infrastructure and setting bench mark for tariff structure
  • Responsible for nautical/Harbour operations and hydrographic survey.
  • Marine incidents and pollution
  • Maintenance of safety and security at the common user areas.
  • Enacting port regulations and bye-laws as well as monitor and enforce them
  • Day to day monitoring of operations and enforcement of relevant sections of respective agreements.
  • Towage, mooring, bunkering, ship chandelling and ship repairs
Private Sector:
  • Cargo handling, stevedoring, warehousing and delivery.
  • Acquisition of cargo handling and operations related equipment
  • Development and maintenance of ports’ superstructure
  • Maintenance of safety and security within the terminal

 Federal Ministry of Transportation:

  • Policy formulation and planning at national level of basic marine infrastructure.
  • Legislation
  • International relations

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