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Jetties Found in Port

S/No Name of Jetties Location Types of Cargo Discharge (OPRS) Remarks
1 Adamac Jetty FOT Bulk Cement N/A
2 West African Dry-dock (WAD) Jetty FOT Ship Repairs N/A
3 Material Offloading Facilities (MOF) Jetty Bonny Container, General Cargo N/A
4 Dangote Cement Jetty FOT Bulk Cement N/A
5 Atlas Cement Jetty FOT Bulk Cement N/A
6 Bonny Anchorage Jetty Bonny Anchorage N/A
7 Bonny Export Terminal Jetty Bonny Condensate, NLNG Gas N/A
8 Wallis Point Bonny Container, General Cargo N/A
9 Intel’s Transit Terminal (ITT) FOT Barge N/A
10 NOTORE JETTY FOT Fertilizer N/A

Tank Farm

S/No Name Offices Address Location Product
1 Oando N/A FLT AGO, PMS
2 Tonimas N/A FOT Lubricant Oil
3 Sahara N/A FOT AGO, DPK

Other Leases within the Port

  • Tenaris
  •  Socotherm
  •  Delta Environmental Services
  •  Atlas Cement
  •  Dangote/BAIL Industries
  •   Adamac Marine Services
  •  Starz Marine
  • WAD (West African Drydocks)
  •  West Atlantic Shipyard (WAS)
  •  WACT-West African Container Terminal
  •  Sahara Energy
  •  Tonimas
  • Sea Petroluem
  • International Container Terminal Services Nigeria
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