Onne Port Complex

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Onne Port Complex situated on the Bonny River Estuary along Ogu Creek is the first port of its kind in Nigeria that operated the Landlord Port Model devised to encourage private sector participation in the Port Industry.

Strategically located, the Port is one of the largest Oil and Gas Free Zone in the world supporting exploration and production for Nigerian activities. The Free Zone provides a logistics Oil Service centre for the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria both Onshore and Offshore. It also provides easy access to the entire West African and Sub-Sahara Oil fields.

The Port accounts for over 65% of the export cargo through the Nigerian Sea Port. There are multiple operations that are carried out in the Port in addition to the Oil and Gas operations. Some of such multiple operations are General Cargoes, Bulk Cargoes (Dry & Wet), Oil Well Equipment, Containerized Cargoes and other Logistics Services provided to companies that are customers and tenants. Hence the Port is a multi-purpose Cargo Port.

The Port is highly industrialized with modern facilities and equipment that can stand the test of time. There is also adequate land available for development to all customers and prospective investors who desire to partner with the Port in the Maritime Business. The Port covers an area of 2,538.115 hectares.

Onne Port has one of the biggest harbour mobile cranes in Africa (Liebherr 600) with a lifting capacity of 208 metric tons and 220 Gmk5220 grove twin cranes that has capacity of lifting single heavy cargo of 300 tons owned by one of the Terminal Operators in the Port. Also, safe and comfortable hospitality facilities are available for Oil & Gas clientele at the Free Zone / Port Area.

The Port is on security level one (1) creating a safe, secure and customer friendly environment for everyone doing business here.

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