Delta Port Complex

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Our mission in Delta Ports is to provide a formidable platform for shipping activities to thrive through strategic partnership with the stakeholders.  And we do hope to achieve this through culture of excellence, customer satisfaction and ingenuity in the way we do our business.

Delta Ports is unique and has enormous capacity yearning for development.  Because of the immense potentials that abound in the port, thus it is adjudged to be the port of the future, it provides advantages that set it apart, and place it on a class of its own.  Those selling points are: shorter distance for haulages of cargoes for catchment states of Anambra, IMO, Enugu, Delta, Edo, Kogi, Ondo, Benue , etc when compared with other operational ports.

It has capacity to generate its own cargo as the port has been surviving on captive cargoes over the years.

Its quick turn round time for vessels is excellent improvement over the past years.

There is the emergence of new growth drivers in the export of gas by the EGTL facilities that is about to commence production with a capacity next to non in the country.

Quick identification and documentation of cargoes and excellent delivery of cargo procedures.

Security of cargoes are guaranteed and adequate modern facilities to handle all kinds of cargoes are assured by the concessionaires.

It is our commitment to reposition Delta Ports as a pride of the Nation that specializes in merchant shipping by creating value – added service with significant impact to the economy of the region and the nation at large.

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